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Grandparent & Family Plates

Our selection of Custom Grandparent and Family Plates is the perfect spot to find that special Grandparent or Family Gift.  Ideal for holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts, these Grandparent and Family Plates are made of high quality stoneware, dishwasher and food safe and will not fade or chip. Each of these unique plates features the names of the grandchildren or family members, and many include figures with choice of hair color and skin tone for the extra personalized touch.  Any of the Grandparent and Family Plates at For That Occasion will be forever treasured by your gift recipient and passed on through generations as a memorable sentimental keepsake.

Grandparents' Plate with Stick Figures (8 figures maxiumum)
Price:  $50.95
Oval Family Tree Platter
Price:  $54.95
Grandparents' Plate with Sponge Figures (8 figures maxiumum)
Price:  $50.95
Large Grandparents Plate With Sponge Figures (up to 16 figures)
Price:  $78.95
Family Plate with Stick Figures (8 figures maxiumum)-11"
Price:  $50.95
Family Tree Plate
Price:  $51.95
Family Christmas Tree
Price:  $138.00
Blooming Family Tree Platter
Price:  $138.00
Large Irish Family Grandparents Plate (up to 16 figures)
Price:  $78.95
Irish Grandparents Plate (8 figures maxiumum)
Price:  $50.95