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Personalized Music CDs

 Kids Personalized Music CDs  include your child's name in the lyrics of favorite children's songs sung by familiar characters such as Elmo, Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses. Your child is the Star of of the CD as their name is repeated in the songs throughout these Personalized Children's Music CDs.. Their name is even printed on the labels for a perfect finishing touch. Kids feel so special as they sing, dance and clap as they hear their name in these upbeat Sing-a-Long  songs. You will be able to hear a sample of how your child's name sounds when you click into the virtual tour of any CD and enter your child's name. Select the correct pronunciation in the pop-up screen and be ready to be delighted with the music. Imagine the excitement your child will feel when they hear their name mentioned by their favorite characters. A Personalized Children's Music CD is indeed a unique gift that will enjoyed for many years. 
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