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Looks Like Me Dishes & Placemats



Our unique Looks Like Me Collection includes"Looks Like Me"  Personalized  Placemats, Plates and Bowls that are custom designed by you to resemble your gift recipient. Kids are thrilled to recognize themselves and their name on these personalized items that add a most special touch to any table setting. Personalizing a Placemat, Plate or Bowl is lots of fun and takes very little time. By selecting hair color and skin tone along with eye color,  hair style, hair accessories and hats on several of the items, you design  a very personalized item. They also offer a great opportunity to enforce name recognition and the spelling of the child's name. These "Looks Like Me" Placemats, Plates and Bowls will make a big hit at mealtime.  Plates & Bowls are BPA free and dishwasher and microwave safe  Order a "Looks LIke Me" personalized gift for a lucky boy or girl for a Birthday, Holiday or "I Love You”  gift that will be used and enjoyed throughout childhood.
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